Third SISAQOL-IMI Consensus Meeting

23 and 24 May 2023

On the 23-24 of May, 2023 the SISAQOL-IMI consortium will gather in Portugal for the third SISAQOL-IMI consensus meeting.

On the 23-24 of May, 2023 the SISAQOL-IMI consortium will gather for the third SISAQOL-IMI consensus meeting at the Hotel Pestana Cidadela in Cascais, Portugal.

SISAQOL-IMI aims to generate international recommendations on how to analyse, interpret and present patient reported outcome (PRO) data collected in cancer clinical trials. All recommendations generated by SISAQOL-IMI go through an elaborate consensus process where they get discussed and voted on by all 41 stakeholders, including, regulators, health technology assessment bodies, payers, clinicians, methodological and applied statisticians, PRO experts, industry, and patient organisations.

About the consensus meeting

The third SISAQOL-IMI consensus meeting aims to reach consensus on the final set of recommendation statements coming from work 2, 3, 4 and 6.

Similar to the consensus procedure followed at the second (virtual) consensus meeting, work package leaders will present a summary of the results from the pre-consensus meeting survey (1st round of voting) and suggest revisions and/or respond to comments. Then, the floor will be opened for discussion for each statement. Following the discussion, re-voting (2nd round of voting) will take place where the main representative from each organisation will submit their votes. A real-time voting tool will be used for re-voting during the meeting and results will be available immediately. By the end of the consensus process, it is hoped that the consortium will have a set of recommendations to take forward.


Find further practical information about the meeting here.

If you have any questions about the meeting or SISAQOL-IMI please contact and Monika Turek.

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